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Business Management

As the best Consulting firm in Abuja, Nigeria, Nectar Role Consulting helps package your business profiles to reflect your experience, potentials, capacity and expertise in the most appealing ways for your clients.

Staff Recruitment

We assist with staff recruitment and selection process and staff orientation and realignment in line with identified strengths and weaknesses.

Financial Advisory Services

We provide valuable financial, investment and risk management advisory services to our clients; keeping their OPEX as low as permissible .
about us

We ensure maximum productivity, excellent service delivery in Business and HR Consultancy

consulting firm in Abuja Nigeria
HR Consulting
Business Management
Financial Advisory Services

Nectar Role Consulting is a management consulting firm in Abuja, Nigeria that specializes in aiding organizations increase their profits through a multifaceted approach of employee productivity enhancement, recruitment, headhunting, capacity development, strategy development, organizational change management, cost containment initiatives, business restructuring among others.

Our team of experts includes seasoned professionals in service industry and certified trainers and human resources experts who are willing to serve with panache.


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Why choose us

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  • Impact
  • Learning
  • Action
  • Integrity
  • Excellence
  • Fulfilment

Our Vision

To be the preferred choice in HR & Business Consulting services in Africa and the most dependable partner in strategy development for productivity enhancement and organizational growth.

Our Mission

To emerge as the most trusted partner in employee capacity development for better performance and higher profitability through enhanced teamwork, emotional intelligence and exceptional customer services skills.

Our Aim


  • Improve work relationship through emphasis on coaching skills for leaders.
  • Help to project the image of excellence and professionalism, ultimately impacting the image of the organization
  • Instill the sense of ambassadorship of the organization in employees and the need to continually project her in good light by all stakeholders.
  • Create an improved service orientation and attitude amongst staff.
  • Enhance non-verbal communication and emotional intelligence quotient among internal customers.

Our Coverage

  • Our clientele Include:
  • Government Institutions such as ministries, departments, agencies, parastatals etc.
  • Private Organizations such as banks, hospitals, hotels, corporations, Cooperative Societies etc
  • Non-Governmental Organizations


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