Entrepreneurship Trainings for SMEs & Start Ups

Entrepreneurship Trainings for SMEs & Start Ups


At NectarRole, our Start-up training prepares entrepreneurs and wanna-be entrepreneurs and gives them the confidence they need to succeed and to grow their businesses. Growing businesses are more likely to create jobs. Start-up training should vary according to the stage of development of a business and should not be a “one-size fits all”. It should include peer learning, sharing knowledge and know-how, and mentoring. Participants should be able to generate ideas, prepare business plans and take their businesses to the next level.

Area of Focus

  • The Entrepreneurship Mindset
  • Basic Elements of Business Planning
  • Financial Management Tips for Entrepreneurs
  • Elements of Business Accounting
  • Strategic Planning for Startups
  • Record Keeping & Data Management
  • Essential Business Skills for Start ups
  • Emotional Intelligence Skills
  • Leadership & Self-Management
  • Business Plan & Proposal Writing Workshop Communication
  • Operational Excellence for Entrepreneurs
  • Skills Acquisition Trainings
  • Problem Solving, Presentation
  • Creative Media & PR Writing
  • Increasing Productivity & Efficiency
  • Report Writing & Effective Presentation Skills
  • Investment in Modern Business Environment
  • Effective Sales & Marketing Strategies
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