Sales & Marketing Personnel

Sales and Marketing have always been the lifeblood of any business. Without Marketing, there is no sales, without sales, there is no company. The ‘Perfect Storm’ of the rise of the internet reducing entire industry sectors to commodities, instantly comparable to all other similar offerings globally, Social Media, which enables customer satisfaction (or dissatisfaction) to be shared with everyone in real-time have all combined to ensure that Marketing and Sales need to be even more effective, for organisations to survive.
They incorporate proven best practices and real-world experience to help you, your team, and your organisation excel in today’s challenging business environment

  • Hypnotic Writing for Sales & Advertising
  • Negotiation, Persuasion and Networking Skills.
  • Upselling & Cross Selling Approaches for Marketers
  • Building A Super Sales Team
  • Digital Marketing Options
  • Suggestive Selling & Closing Deals
  • Customer Relationship & Services Management
  • Customer Retention
  • Customer & Market Analysis
  • Service Skills for Room Division
  • Complaints & Service Recovery
  • Turning Complaints to Business Opportunities
  • The X– Factor in Delighting Customers
  • Telephone Etiquette & Telemarketing
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